(Looking for Signs of Life Photography?  That’s still me, I’m just not running this as a company any more.)

I’m looking for a new adventure!  Please see details here.

Ever tried googling yourself?  It’s not an activity I can recommend unless you have an over-active self-confidence gland or just a really thick skin.  If you want to know who I am, don’t ask google.  The best I can do is reproduce here a description I wrote a few years back … oh, and show you a photo too, of course. Google’s great for facts (and alternative facts) and information (and mis-information) but even true facts and true information are not the same as the truth.

Gumboots at dawn, self-portrait
Gumboots at dawn, Tihana.

Here are some facts about me:  In 2013 a friend persuaded me to take part in my first ever running race, and even though it took me more than nine hours to finish it, I was pretty proud.  So perhaps you’re thinking that I’m a bit of a couch potato who limped around the course and only just made it home (which is partially true).  But the race was a 60km alpine ultra-marathon, and by a loooong way (yes, bad pun intended) the highlight of my year.  But I’m not an ultra-uber-ultimate-fitness-freak (UUUFF), I’m more of a regular-person-who-likes-running (RPWLR) which is not nearly as cool an onomatopoeic acronym.  In the same way, I could tell you I didn’t graduate from high school, but that I have a whole heap of educated-type letters after my name.  I could tell you I’ve been a wedding photographer (but am not a girly-girl), as well as an engineer (but am not a macho man-mauler).  I’m a musician without a stereo, and a not-particularly-foodie wine-maker.  My biggest (well, perhaps) vice (so far anyway) is over-use of parentheses (like these ones), and it’s probably better to make up your own mind about the rest once you’ve met me.

This site is a dumping ground for thoughts, ideas, photos, and anything else that comes along.  I don’t really have a plan, we’ll all just have to wait and see.