Professional archives

This page is a collection of links and publications related to my day job in higher education.  As with anything else, please feel free to contact me if you have thoughts or questions about any of it.

Compass: Curriculum planning, management, review and navigation is an online software tool developed while at the University of Auckland.  It’s now available for licence from other institutions.

Leadership in Teaching portfolio, 2017 Portfolio summarising my experiences in the  leadership and development of teaching and learning at the University of Auckland

SCOPE: Searchable Communities of Practice and Expertise currently sits behind the UoA firewall, so is not available for public access.  It’s an online software platform designed to connect teachers across the university and beyond with the tools (information, software, projects, and most importantly, people) who can help them advance their teaching through meaningful collaborations.

Turning teaching initiatives into projects (pg 12) First article on the beginning of what later turned into SCOPE: Searchable Communities of Practice and Expertise

Tahi: Encouraging expertise in the way students engage with learning (pg 9) 2015 Fellowship project from Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education, University of Auckland

Seeing and Believing: Intuition and visualisation in undergraduate engineering Dissertation submitted to Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Oxford, 2008