Rakiura | Seeds in the sand

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Rakiura is a place of wild and desolate beauty. It is rugged, unforgiving and brutally alive. From lush rimu forests to miles of wide sands open to Antarctic currents and winds, it is a place in which the role of man as custodian of the wilderness is a delicate balance of repentance, repair and withdrawal. […]


In early 2013 I was working as a photographer for the Department of Conservation on Stewart Island taking photos for publicity of the Rakiura Great Walk (see brochure here) and other conservation activities that were going on.  When I got back from that trip and began the huge job of processing and editing photographs taken over three solid weeks […]

Background and location details

Little Bungaree Beach Little Bungaree Beach on the eastern side of the island has a lagoon that runs behind a wooded peninsula on which the beach sits. I’ve always been drawn to very simple images of small things, and have quite a collection of photographs of sand. The structured-but-unstructured-ness and apparently accidental alignment is somehow comforting: […]

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