Paintings + portraits

A selection of completed paintings in acrylic during the last few years.  Please click each image for more information, the in-progress videos, and a larger image of the painting.


A portrait of my brother Stu, for his 40th birthday. Stu at 40 Acrylic on bamboo paper, 300x400mm


Jazzy Jasper is 1 today!  To celebrate, here are 100 things beginning with the letters of his name … can you find them all?  With thanks for the inspiration to the incredible Mitsumasa Anno: Anno’s Alphabet was one of my childhood favourite books. abacus aces agent albatross alligator anchor Andromeda galaxy ape apples asparagus astronaut […]

La chrysalide (et Rob)

A blue day’s brown study in yellow; it’s not (quite) as muddled as it sounds. La chrysalide (et Rob) acrylic on plywood, 45x51cm

Le Papillon (et Sam)

Just quietly, I’m pretty pleased with this one.  I wanted to practise getting a good range of shades and shapes (the palest shade is darker than the darkest pale and all that), and I think that the solid yellow background helped with that somehow … perhaps I’ll start with a mid background in future too. […]


This is my friend’s daughter painted for her mum’s birthday.  The original photo had a great deal more water in it, but I shied away from painting so much greyness.  The overall composition would have been better with it though … maybe next time … Anna  Acrylic on canvas board, 18x24cm, January 2019     […]

Sophie + Hayley

My two youngest nieces, this is a tiny painting (with even tinier faces), done as a birthday present for my sister in law, Sarah.  I think I’ll stick to larger faces from here on – getting any kind of resemblace at this size is outside my skill level! Sunny girls Acrylic on canvas board, 24x30cm, […]


A Christmas present for Charlie’s parents, this is the smallest image I’ve painted so far.  The likeness to the original photo is ok, though she looks a little older in the painting than in the photograph.  Getting the size of the teeth and eyes makes such a difference to the apparent age! Charlie, acrylic on […]

Degaucquier family

A Christmas present for the family in the painting. Degaucquier family, acrylic on canvas board, 36x48cm


A very unlikely favourite!  I’d had an awful week, and wanted to get it out by doing something, anything creative.  I found a photo of a horse so tired I felt some kind of kinship with it and set to work sketching it in pen and ink.  My black pen ran out.  It was that […]


This was done from a very dark photograph, and commissioned as a gift for the man in the photo.  The hardest part was figuring out what was happening in the deep shadows in order that I knew enough about what was going on in order to paint it.  Though I liked the detail visible on […]


Storm was painted for a friend from intermediate school as a gift for his wife.  Painting soooo much fur consistently was quite a challenge, as was getting the lighting right – though the main light source was from the right, there must have been something bright and shiny blue on the left, as there’s a […]


My beautiful sister, seven months pregnant.  This is another example of a painting I’m not quite happy with, but also loth to fiddle around with too much anymore.  The main reason I wanted to paint this in the first place is for the facial expression – peace, inwards-looking, contentment, silence.  Though the transparent drapery was […]


I’m still not quite happy enough with it to call it “finished” yet, it’s been sitting there for months now, so perhaps it’s as done as it will ever be.  Or perhaps I’ll just wait for another decade or so until Bev ages enough to look like this – it’s not particularly flattering at the […]


Here, a painting of someone more familiar on the other side of the camera, who has nevertheless created a self-portrait.  I struggled with the cap in the original photo because of the hugely skewed perspective as its brim pointed directly towards the camera.  A face that has been lived in, this is one of my […]


Caed is my nephew, so I have no shortage of photos of him to choose from.  I really loved the awkwardness of youth all dressed up in a pink shirt which was a little too big for him.  I struggled to know where to situate him, but in the end went for the simple plant […]

Holland family

This painting was done to celebrate Rob’s 40th birthday earlier this year. Holland family Acrylic on canvas board, 30x40cm, March 2018


A portrait of my cousin Alyx for her 40th birthday.  It was painted from a small photo, mainly because I liked the challenge of the dappled light, and her expression was so lovely. Alyx, acrylic on rag paper, January 2018  


I’m not sure she’ll thank me for this one when she’s older!  Sophie is my niece, and this is from a photo taken just after she was told that she couldn’t have any more cheese.  An appropriate reaction, I’m sure you’ll agree. Sophie Acrylic on canvas board

Rogan Josh

Rogie is the hearing dog belonging to my good friend Nessa.  I painted him for Nessa’s birthday in 2017, though he didn’t appear to impressed with the final result! Rogan Josh Acrylic on canvas board, February 2017  

Caed + Marley

My wonderful niece and nephew, painted as a gift for my sister, their mum, Christmas 2017.  The hardest part of this was getting a photo without her knowing about it (and then convincing the kids not to say anything either!).  It was quite a big painting, from memory about A2. Caed & Marley, acrylic on canvas, […]

Tanisha + Livvie

Another of my favourites, this time my lovely god-daughter and her also lovely mum.  This was an early painting for Livvie’s second birthday, though the photo was taken when Livvie was just 10 months old.  It’s not a painting with a huge amount of detail, but I love the moment, the summery colours, and the […]