Kids’ books

Marley and the Mystery of Mies

A small village in Switzerland is home to an ancient puzzle. A mysterious symbol on the village crest shows a broken rock and three trees, but no-one knows what it means. Where is the rock? Why is it so special? And where on earth did it come from? As you journey through this story with Marley and Caed you will have to decide where to go to help them solve this mystery …

Happy Birthday Hayley


Written for the arrival of a new child with two mathematically-minded parents, this one had to be a little special.

What is Sophie now?

Some of my books are intended for new babies, but this one is a little bit different …

The Prognostic Acrostic

This book was so much fun to write! It was created to celebrate a long-awaited arrival (and also because the world needs more limericks …)

Moving Mathilda

… or, Happy 5th Birthday to Anna!