What’s a geocache?

You will need:

  • the coordinate for each cache
  • a pen or pencil to record your visit
  • a device with GPS capabilities (available on most smart phones if you don’t have a dedicated GPS unit).

A geocache is a small container somewhere in the world that you can find with a GPS device.  They can be any size, but since they need to be hidden they tend to be about the size of a jar of jam or smaller.  The ones used here are cylinders about 2cm in diameter, and 10cm long, painted brown.

You can use the coordinates of the geocache to find it, but if you’re having trouble and need a clue there are photos of the location which show the cache under the “Need a clue?” link.

When you’ve found it, just write your name and the date on the roll of paper inside, and put it back in the same place for the next person.  Please make sure that the lid is on securely so that water can’t get in.

If you’d like, you can leave a comment on the geocache page to let me know that you’ve found it (or not!) too.  I hope you all enjoy finding them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!

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