Oct Clock Defrock!

I’ve been lacking aesthetic inspiration for how to finish the clock, so decided to do the unthinkable and leave it clean. There are a few details left to do – I need to add markers for the tide at different locations – but I’m not going to add clock numbers or anything like that: I hope that the solid black of the hands will stand out enough for anyone who looks at this contraption for the purposes of getting useful information … (yeah, right).

So today’s big excitement was peeling off the protective covering from front and back so that I could finally see what it looked like for the first time. It’s only been years coming, so no big deal really … (yeah, right).

Clearly there are still functional things to finish: the tide wheel and its tiny cog need to be attached to the front (hopefully not a biggie), the wooden housing needs to be oiled (medium biggie, especially as I’m not convinced that closing the sides in with something opaque is a good idea, but then, dust … ), and a driver attached to the back (biggie!).

I’ve also been tossing up whether to mirror the rear surface, but after debating the pros (you’d get a great view through the clock into the mirror) and cons (you wouldn’t be able to look through the back any more), I’ve compromised. I’ll leave the walls transparent, but might see if I can mount a few strategic mirrors/lights on the back at different angles so that the workings are all visible from the front. Or something. There’s been enough excitement for one day.

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