Let’s start at the start with a wee introduction

To some letters and symbols defining our function

Perhaps integrating those pieces together

We’ll find they describe a more beautiful treasure?


L is for lanterns and lavender too

And ladders which lean, and long loopy lassos

And lunches with lamingtons, lemonade, lollies

(But let’s hope no lightning, we didn’t bring brollies)

There’s lupins for lovebirds, a ledge for the leopard

And lyres and lutes and boxes for letters

Lemons and lettuce and lilies and leeks

And lazing among them a lone lion peeks


I is for Ireland, India and Italy too

Israel and islands and icy igloos

Impatiens and ivy which grow with the irises

Iguana and ibex play “it” with the ibises

There’s infants with icecream which imitate imps

And insects with interest in iceblocks they glimpse


S is for snails and slithery snakes

Summertime sunshine with sausage and steak

Sailboats and sandcastles, surfing and sea

And when summer’s over some snow means we ski

Sasha and Santa and snow-cones with ice

Strawberry shortbread with sugar and spice

Springtime brings snapdragons, spiders and sage 

These are the S’s you’ll find on this page


Arriving at A and apples adorn

The autumn appearance of apricots, acorns, 

And aardvarks, alpacas and aubergines too

(though if you’re allergic they’ll make you achoo)

Archers and arrows, armchairs and anchors

An angel, an artist, an antelope’s antlers

An ape with an axe and an azure azalea

An aeroplane and albatross aim for Australia


It’s time to give up formulating equations

We’ll cancel the constants ‘cos on this occasion

whatever they stand for, these pieces combined

Mean more than their parts, more than we can define

So all we can state in this glad situation

Is welcome to Lisa! A brand new relation.


(10 points if you’ve found the spelling mistake … 😦 )

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