Le Papillon (et Sam)

Just quietly, I’m pretty pleased with this one.  I wanted to practise getting a good range of shades and shapes (the palest shade is darker than the darkest pale and all that), and I think that the solid yellow background helped with that somehow … perhaps I’ll start with a mid background in future too.

The picture was originally meant to be a portrait of Sam, but the little surprise makes it more than that.  After a long debate – with myself, and others (thanks, you know who you are) – I decided that the butterfly should sit on the book so Sam sees it.  The other option was on his leg, so that the book is hiding it, but I think that looking at the picture and knowing that Sam continued to be so engrossed in his reading that he didn’t notice the tiny creature beneath it would have been too frustrating for any long-term viewer!  Unfortunately these photos seem to have increased the contrast artificially, especially around the dark/light in the hands … I guess taking pictures of a yellow background under a yellow bulb will have that effect … bother.

IMG_3275 (1)IMG_3347IMG_3348IMG_3344 (1)

Le Papillon (et Sam)

20 October 2019, acrylic on paper, 36x48cm


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