For you


Have you ever read the description on the side of a shampoo bottle?

For Dry Hair.  For Tired and Lacklustre Hair.  For Greasy Hair.  For Limp Hair.  

Really?  I don’t want shampoo that gives me dry, tired, lacklustre, greasy or limp hair … and I’m fairly sure no-one else does either.  So why do they say it?  It’s all about that little word, “for”.  Shampoo and toothpaste are different (who knew?).

For a whiter smile.  For fresh breath.   For strong-white-teeth-that-the-mother-of-all-icecreams-can’t-zing.” 

Again, that little word.  It crops up in other places too.  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Women for Peace.  Pedals for bicycles.  Mayo for chips.  Crackers for cheese.  Expanded, “for” must be equivalent to:

  • treatment and relief from bad things (for dry hair)
  • assistance toward goals (for whiter teeth)
  • in support of, or on the side of (women for peace)
  • designed to go together with (pedals for bikes)
  • a combination which brings out the best of both (crackers for cheese).

We talk about friends as people who are there for each other.  Does this mean the same thing?  Are friends those people who alleviate and help with treatment and healing from the bad stuff, who help us towards our goals and aspirations, who are on our side, who have our backs, who are designed to go together with us and us with them, in a combination which brings out the best in all concerned?  Are we too there for our friends and families?  Here’s cheers to those of you who have been and will be for me, and I hope in return that I can be for you too.

Just a thought.


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