While they’d been talking, a small woman pulling a red trolley had been walking towards them. They were so deep in their conversation that they didn’t notice her approaching until she was quite nearby.  Caed and Marley were slightly startled to notice that the shape in the trolley was an old bulldog, sitting quite happily and watching them.

Though their French had improved in the time they’d spent preparing for their trip, they were still a little unsure of what the woman meant when she said,

Pour les dinosaures, il faut y aller la!” and pointed down the smaller road from where  she’d just come. They didn’t get a chance to ask her to repeat herself as the woman just kept walking.

“What do you think?” Marley asked, “I guess one direction is as good as another, and the way she was pointing is the shorter route home.”

“I’m sure she mentioned dinosaurs though. Does that mean that there are dinosaurs down there? Or that we’re safe from the dinosaurs down there?”

“She had a dog with her, did you see? And she  wasn’t frightened. And the dog wasn’t frightened either. I think we should go the way that she pointed.”

If you follow where the woman pointed, turn to 47

If not, turn to 101