Next morning, Marley and Caed got up nice and early to head out on their adventure. But, because it was their first morning, of course they said yes when Keri asked if they’d like pancakes for breakfast, and the pancakes were so good that of course they had seconds, and of course that took up most of the morning! By the time they were finished with breakfast it was nearly lunchtime, but they were still so full that they decided to pack up and head out anyway.

They packed their backpacks with the things that they would need for the day, being careful to leave enough room to carry home any clues that they might find along the way.

You’ll need to remember what you’ve put in your bag for later. You only have a small bag, and only three things will fit into it. Choose only three things from this list to take with you.

  • A raincoat
  • A compass
  • A water bottle
  • Some food
  • A pen and paper
  • Some sun-cream

Turn to 3