The children were disappointed to learn that their meteor theory wasn’t going to fly and prepared themselves for the ride back through the forest, past the area where they’d seen the dinosaurs the day before. They walked back to the gate where their bikes were waiting, discussing the problem.

“Perhaps there’s another way home,” suggested Marley, “Perhaps we don’t have to go back along that road?”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Caed put down his bag again and got out the map to see. “We’re here at the Observatoire now, but the trouble is we’re not exactly sure where the dinosaurs were.”

“We were already lost by the time we saw them, and anyway they have probably moved since yesterday.”

Caed thought about that.

“I think they’d be in the same place – remember that there were eggshells there? I think that means that it’s their home territory, so I don’t think they will have gone too far.”

“If we want to avoid the whole forested area, we would have to go off the map, and we can’t do that.”

“No, we do need to know where we are.”

“So what shall we do then? I don’t want to be eaten on the way home!” wailed Marley.

All this talk about eating was making Caed hungry.

Did you bring any food?

If you did, turn to 45

If not, turn to 53

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