Quick as a flash, Caed dropped his bike and leapt at Marley’s legs, trying to tackle her like a rugby player.  He was just in time to catch her, and together he and Keri pulled Marley back onto the safe side of the wall.

“That was cutting it a bit too close, Marley!” he panted, “Next time remember that gravity works just the same way in Switzerland as it does down under!”

Marley was still getting her breath back, her face was pale and her eyes were wide, but she nodded and grinned a little shakily.

“Yeah, good point,” she gasped, “Thanks for the tackle, Caed!”​

Everyone slumped down on the bridge to recover, pleased that there hadn’t been any unexpected swims!

“Whatever it was is long gone now,” said Marley, a little ruefully, “But I’m sure it was a little snake, and I’ve never even seen one before.”

“I didn’t know there were snakes here,” exclaimed Caed, “It’s not Australia, it’s Switzerland.”

“Or perhaps France,” Marley laughed, looking at where they were sitting, in the middle of the bridge between the two countries.

“There are some snakes, and I’ve actually seen one here before,” replied Keri, “But little water snakes aren’t dangerous.”

Neither of the children had seen any kind of snake before whether dangerous or not, so while Marley was quite pleased to have spotted it (even for a brief moment), Caed was just as annoyed to have missed it.

After a few minutes to catch their breath and have a quick drink of water they were all ready to go again, and headed off again into France.

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