Caed started dancing around waving the Jurassic Park DVD case.

“What on earth has got into you now?” asked Marley in astonishment, while Keri (and the other people at the déchèterie too) just stood and stared at him.

jurassic park

“I knew there was something familiar about the name of those mountains; it was just nagging away at me. Jurassic Park is a movie about dinosaurs … and here we are, right next to the Jura mountains. That’s what’s been bugging me!”

“The Jurassic Era was a period of time when there were a lot of dinosaurs, I think,” replied Keri, “Perhaps you should take that big book on the natural history of Switzerland and you can read about it.”

Caed hefted a huge hard-covered book entitled “La Suisse, Paradis de la Nature”, and flipped through it; it was just the thing for a rainy afternoon.  Marley had finished looking through the books and started looking through the DVDs too.

“May I take one of these instead of a book?” she asked, “I think it would be fun to watch Ice Age again.”

“Sure,” Keri agreed, “And if you’ve both made your choices then I think we should head home quickly before that rain reaches us.”

Over the Jura still more black threatening clouds were forming, and off they went.

Together everyone helped to make lunch and then, exactly as the weather forecast had predicted, the black clouds over the Jura opened and another summer thunderstorm arrived.

“Wow, I’m glad we decided to stay inside this afternoon,” Marley commented as she stacked the dishwasher.

“Yep, I’m looking forward to some down time with a good book!” Caed finished clearing the table and got out his book from the déchèterie.  He and Marley opened it to the map page at the beginning, and started to read.

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