They sat on the side of the little road and thought for a while.

“I’m beginning to think that looking for trees in a forest isn’t the best strategy. I mean, if there was a whole forest around the Mies rock, why would they only draw three trees?”

“I dunno,” replied Caed, “It could just be artistic licence. Maybe it would look funny if there were loads of trees.”

“So we’re getting nowhere.”

Even as the siblings sat, dejected, on the side of a dirt road in the forest, things got even worse. The sky had been getting progressively darker and darker, and the children hadn’t noticed, but now – as a loud thunderclap startled them both – they looked up and saw the black clouds above them. The skies opened again and a new summer downpour drenched them both.

“Let’s get under the trees, we’ll have a little shelter there,” suggested Caed.

“As long as none of them are hit by the lightning,” muttered Marley.

“We’re no safer here, and at least we’ll be drier,” he replied.

“We don’t even know where we are anymore!”

“True, but we are on the right side of the stone, and at least we’re not being eaten by a hungry dinosaur. I’d say that’s a bonus,” Caed retorted. “And maybe we can find some shelter up ahead. What’s that building?”


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