Ordinary books start with “Once upon a time”, and this one does too.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Marley who lived in Auckland, New Zealand with her brother, Caed, their parents, and their cats.

But that’s as much “ordinary” as you’re getting, I’m afraid, because this is no ordinary book.  No way, Jose.  Ordinary books start at the beginning, go on to the end, and then stop, and this is usually a good way for books to be.  But not this book.  This book needs your help, and it will go all over the place before you finish!

How, you ask?

In this book, you get to choose. You get to decide what happens next. It’s your book to live inside for a little while.  At the bottom of some of the pages you will see some instructions, like:

  • If you think the answer to 24 minus 6 is 23 then turn to 15
  • If you think it is 18 then turn to 2

(Of course, you would not turn to 15 because I happen to know that you are pretty good at maths too.)

You’ll also need to be good at spotting clues yourself.  Hidden on some of the pages is a special symbol:


When you see this symbol, make sure you make a note of where you found it!  You’ll find out what to do with them at the very end.

Get the idea?  Great. Let’s go.

Turn to 26