These are a selection of pop-up cards and children’s books, mostly created for birthday presents.

Jillian: The Remix

Another whole decade now weighing upon her Poor Jillian worries she’ll soon be a goner: “Perhaps reinvention Will cure apprehension? I don’t yet know how, but I’m gonna!” Maybe something’s amiss with my lifestyle or diet? I’m honorably qualified, certain to find it! (just on the quiet) And as I’m precocious At self-diagnosis Here goes! […]

Fifth-decade survival equipment

An ex-flatmate was turning 40, so I thought I’d try and put together a survival kit for her as she headed into her fifth decade.  It has everything you’d need – gardening time, running shoes, vitamin T (she’s British, after all), swings and chips, and of course, some good books.

6th birthday tower

A card for my niece, Sophie, for her (no surprise) 6th birthday.

Flower fantastic birthday card

The second card I tried – this one a bit more ambitious than the first!  

Springtime popup

This was my first go at making a pop anything – a birthday present for my Mum.